How to use VST plugins in Foobar2000

Foobar2000 is a versatile, modular and super cool media player. This article will show you how you can use VST plugins with foobar2000. Follow this simple guide or watch the video tutorial. Download and install foobar2000. Download the Foobar2000 VST 2.4 adapter (plugin) Download the Kjaerhus Audio VST pack (below) Open foobar2000. Click on “file” and then […]

Organize your samples and instrument libraries with Hornbostel–Sachs!

Ever felt the need to organize your audio samples or VST Instrument patches? What if there was a system with classifications to match each sound? Oh, there is! It is called the Hornbostel–Sachs system. If you want to get organized quickly you should continue reading. The Hornbostel–Sachs system is a musical instrument classification system developed by Erich von […]

Backup and restore all Kontakt libraries to a new computer (Windows)

Have you ever had to re-add all your Kontakt libraries to Kontakt 5? This is a process that can take hours depending on how many libraries you have. There is an easier way though… Windows 10 is right around the corner and some of us have already started using the technical preview version of the […]

Why you should not use the rack view for libraries in Kontakt

If you are familiar with Kontakt from Native Instruments and have some official libraries you are probably also familiar with the “rack” list of Kontakt. You know, the left pane of the window with the list of all your libraries….? Although the rack list looks cool and is nice to have, there are two reasons […]

Native Instruments Kontakt – Related files and extensions explained

A Kontakt instrument might often include different file types while others might not. Essentially all you need for a plain basic Kontakt instrument is the samples and the .nki (instrument file). So what are all the other file types? .NDX – Kontakt Index File .ndx are generated when analyzing samples to create AET layers. (Authentic […]