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Cubase is a music software product developed by German musical software and equipment company Steinberg for music recording, arranging and editing as part of a digital audio workstation.

Useful Steinberg links

Here is a list of Steinberg products. These links will take you straight to the latest updates and downloads. Just search and click. Cubase 6 RND Portico Neo Soul Keys Hypnotic Dance HALion Symphonic Orchestra VST Sound Instrument Set HALion Sonic HALion Sonic 2 HALion 4 Groove Agent 4 Granular Symphonies Granular Guitars eLicenser Control […]

Track color pack for Cubase (version 3)

Want to spice up Cubase a bit? What about giving Cubase a makeover by adding some more track colours? What this is In Cubase we have the ability to change track colors. This is a great way to keep multi track audio recordings organised. Cubase comes with 16 generic different colours. This is nice, but […]

What will Cubase look like on a 4K (UHD) screen?

4K screens, also known as UHD screens are slowly becoming a standard in the computer world, but how is this a benefit in Cubase? The pros The benefit of using a UHD/4K screen with Cubase is, obviously, that you will have a lot of overview. If you like to keep track of many plugins at a time […]

Cubase related directories on Windows 8

Ever wanted to transfer, share or backup some of your settings in Cubase? This list will tell you where you can find the file you are looking for. Please note that the directories that have percentage marks (e.g. %something%) are relative directories. This is because some users might have a different directory set-up (i.e OS on […]

General troubleshooting guide for Cubase 7 and 8

Cubase 8 is probably the most stable version Steinberg has released yet. Still, from time to time, some users experience minor bugs or issues. A lot of these issues might be caused by third party plugins, tampered settings or a generally unstable computer. This article is a general guide and will explain some of the […]

How to record Maschine 2 Instruments in Cubase 8

If you want to record Maschine 2 in Cubase as a regular VSTi you might have realized that it can be quite complicated to setup the MIDI correct. Especially since Native Instruments changed the MIDI settings in Maschine. This video will show you how you can record Maschine 2 with instruments and keyboard mode in […]

Imitating Nuendo's Edit Mode in Cubase 8 - Snap MIDI to cursor

This question was originally posted by Peter Gregson Hello! I know this feature exists in other DAWs but I’m just wondering if there’s a way to make Cubase 8 scroll through a video file when dragging a MIDI note / extending an audio file? It’s a great feature when writing to picture but I just cannot […]

Cubase MIDI CC List

This is a list of Cubase’s default CC numbers. The list is pulled from the MIDI Controller Setup in Cubase. This list will let you have an overview without having to even open Cubase. Configuring MIDI devices in Cubase such as MIDI controllers can be a little confusing in the beginning. I feel pretty confident […]

What is a compressor and how to use it (simple version)

I noticed that an interesting question came up which lead me to think back on my days as a student. The original question was how to use compressors in orchestral music. As I was thinking on how I could explain this as easy as possible I realized that we needed to go back to the […]

How to make track pictures transparent in Cubase 8

If you are used to drag-and-drop pictures to Cubase as track pictures, you may have noticed that if your pictures are transparent they will be converted to a flat image with a background colour once they have been added to the Cubase track picture library. This process is pretty annoying, especially when we know that Cubase […]

How to setup & record Maschine 2 in Cubase 8 (Update 2015)

This video explains step by step how to set up Maschine 2.2.3 so you can record tracks from Maschine in Cubase 8.0.5, without using MIDI mode . You will learn what preferences you need and how you can automate the process. The video tutorial is recorded with Cubase 8.0.5 and Maschine 2.2.3 on Windows 8.1 x64. […]

1 Minute Tip: Cubase sustain without pedal

This video will show you how toy can set the default value of the sustain pedal to be on. This will allow you to record for example piano with sustain even if you don't have a sustain pedal.