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How to install Touch OSC Editor on Windows

What is TouchOSC Touch OSC is a great way to control your MIDI in your sequencer, wether it is Cubase, Maschine or Ableton Live. It enables you to use any touch device as a MIDI controller. The interface is also modular, meaning that it is completely up to you to decide what the interface should […]

Organize your samples and instrument libraries with Hornbostel–Sachs!

Ever felt the need to organize your audio samples or VST Instrument patches? What if there was a system with classifications to match each sound? Oh, there is! It is called the Hornbostel–Sachs system. If you want to get organized quickly you should continue reading. The Hornbostel–Sachs system is a musical instrument classification system developed by Erich von […]

Custom Export Script For Cubase 8 (Post Process)

This video will show you how to take advantage of the Post Process function in the Audio Mixdown Window by creating a custom script. This will allow you to automatically open the rendered file in Adobe Audition or any other software that can open audio files. Thanks to @krisp at the steinberg forum for this […]

Cubase 8 "Render in Place" problem fix

Sometimes when you want to use the “render in place” function of Cubase 8 and newer versions it might not be working. This is often caused by windows not supporting special characters in a file name. Remember that when you are using the “render in place” function, you are actually writing audio files to the […]