Track color pack for Cubase (version 3)

Track color pack for Cubase (version 3)
Grab a cup of coffee and save yourself some work with this color pack
Grab a cup of coffee and save yourself some work with this track color pack from DAWLAB

Want to spice up Cubase a bit? What about giving Cubase a makeover by adding some more track colours?

What this is

In Cubase we have the ability to change track colors. This is a great way to keep multi track audio recordings organised. Cubase comes with 16 generic different colours. This is nice, but some of us need more than that. This download contains a bunch of beautiful track colors. These colors have been carefully selected to ensure that the colours are distinctive and aesthetically pleasing. This hasΒ taken a great amount of time to make and it is a project I have worked on with passion for hours.

What you get

Basically, what you get is 171 different track colours you can use in any Cubase project. That sounds like a lot right? It is. Now, the big question is: what if you only want some of these colors? Let’s say you only want level 5 (average brightness). No problem, DAWLAB’s got your back. Just apply the file “Color level 5 only.cpr”. What if you want level 1 to 4? Just apply the file “Color levels 1-4”. You get the idea… πŸ™‚ Oh, also this download includes version 2!

A basic project in Cubase with the track colours applied
A basic project in Cubase with the track colours applied
This track color pack is divided into different color shades so you can choose which of the colors you want to apply.
This track color pack is divided into different color shades so you can choose which of the colors you want to apply.


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What you need

This color pack will basically work with all versions of Cubase from SX 2.2 up to Cubase Pro 9. The latest test was performed with Cubase Pro 9 (update 9.0.10).

How toΒ use

Documentation can now be found here:Β

If you have a hard time applying the color pack for Cubase 9 and older versions you can watch the old tutorial video here.


The color pack has been available for free since 2014. Unfortunately some user have not respected the amount of time and work I have put into this and shared it on other sites.

Hopefully, users who have paid for the download will be more inclined to respect the work and the value of not having to do the work themselves. So, a minimum donation of 3$ is required for the download. That’s the price for a cup of coffee. A coffee takes 5 minutes to make. This has taken literally hours.

171 Track colors for Cubase

By clicking the button above, I agree with the Terms & Conditions.
Once payment has been completed (might take a few minutes) an e-mail containing the download link will be sent to the e-mail associated with your paypal account. <strong>Please stay patient</strong>. If you have waited more than 30 minutes for the download link please check your spam mail. If you have any problems you can use the contact page and I will usually get back to you within a couple of hours. Worst case scenario, if I am not able to solve the problem you will be refunded in full immediately so do not worry. I care about all of you πŸ™‚
  1. I am trying to download/buy your Cubase 171 colors (Track color pack for Cubase (version 3)).

    I have entered my email address and selected PayPal… when I hit the “Continue” button I get this message…

    “Amount must be at least 3.00 USD.”

    I was expecting to be taken to my PayPal page to pay but nothing. Any help gratefully received… I am more than happy to pay the $3.

  2. hey man, I used this pack when it was free, but just did a fresh install and thought I’d get your colours again. I just paid the 3USD, (totally worth is by the way!!) but I still can’t seem to download the pack. Its just asking for more money!! Can you help?

    1. its ok! Found the email in my junk folder!! Thank you so much for your hard work. Glad I could help out in a small way. Enjoy a coffee on me!

  3. Is that Cubase image on the laptop in the pic a mockup? Looks pretty good to me. If its real I’d love to know your customization settings.


        1. The top bar is just off-screen because the photo is an illustration of the track colors so I have not actually removed the top bar.

  4. Hey man. Just purchased this. Love it. Using Cubase 8.5. When I want to change the channel color the colors go off the screen so I can only see a few of them. Is there a fix i can do to this?

  5. Hi, Thanks for the great work. I generally keep my orchestral sessions loaded with at least 64 different instrument tracks and this enables me to organize those in a beautiful way!

  6. Totally worth the money man… what an amount of work. If I have a chance it would be really good to have a chat with you about maschine too.


  7. Hello james
    My name is Ubira, I live in Brazil, and would like to buy their cores Cubase 171 (Cubase Band Suite for Cubase (version 3)
    Do you work with Visa or credicard?
    I would love to have your color package …
    Awaiting return

  8. Hi James, I just bought and uploaded the package for use in Nuendo 7 but it did not include the NI Machine colors nor your webpage colors as you described in the video. I launched the allcolors.cpr file.

    1. Hi Mthakathi.
      If you open the folder called (Old version) there is a file called “DAWLAB 96 Track colors for Cubase.cpr”. This is the file containing the NI Maschine colors.

  9. Hi, can you send me a download link please? After I paid I didn’t receive anything. I alredy sent a mail about it but no reply! Thanks

    1. Hi. I cannot find any e-mail from this e-mail in my inbox. I just sent you another download link in case you need one. What was your question anyway?

  10. I have just paid the $3 because I think this will be very helpful. However, I don’t see a download link on this page after receiving a confirmation email for my payment from paypal. What is the next step for me?


    1. Never mind! πŸ™‚ I was a little too impatient. Your email showed up after a couple of minutes. Download complete and I look forward to giving it a run! πŸ™‚

  11. Hey, thanks for taking the time making these colour’s, the are very much worth buying.
    One thing regarding multiple colour schemes (like 1-4 etc) in Cubase 9.5.1:

    The colour choices is just in one row/strip that goes across the screen and therefore there is not enough space to show them all: They disappear off screen.
    Maybe make the multiples contain less colours like 1-2, 3-4, 5-6 etc? For example I would like #5 and #9
    Or can you show a fast way of appending the colours?
    Not a problem in Logic as the colour dialog is in several rows, but just 1 row in Cubase.
    Anyway – thanks again for this.

  12. ok here is my problem it works if you start a new project but Im in the middle of a big project that i made so it will not work on projects that are in progress I was excited to fill all my tracks all ready in progress with this but it will not work can you send me the color data so I can install it in the Mac cubase program instead of a .cpr thanks so much hope you can help me.

    1. Not sure what you mean here.. If you download the colors you will have to extract the files from the archive with 7zip or Winrar and then open the CPR files.

  13. Hi,

    Just downloaded and installed your amazing colour pallet for Cubase. It is fantastic the work you’ve put in, I know as I’ve attempted it myself.
    The only disappointment that I have is that the pallet doesn’t appear to include the faders or add any additional colours within preferences, I don’t even know if that is possible. I really want above all else is additional colours for the faders and especially BLACK, which I just cannot create which seems crazy to me. Cubase’s colour creating ability is extremely limited, especially for this day and age.

    If you know how it can be done please let me know, that would be great or if you’re in an inspirational mood feel free to save me the hassle, sorry time and effort!
    Thanks again for such a fantastic job.

    Kind Regards

    De Carteret

    1. Greetings, and thanks for your kind words. Faders and other colours are a completely different thing but I might consider doing something like this in the future.

  14. Hey just bought this.. Using cubase 9.5.. Do I need to load these everytime? Is there a way that it can just load automatically as a default? I cannot find color tools.. i did a google search and it says color tools is no longer a feature in cubase

    1. Thank you for your interest in the Color Pack. Sorry for the delay.

      Please make sure that you click on “Save current set as program defaults”, not “default color” at the top.

      If that does not work you can try to “Reset current set to factory settings”, close Cubase and open the color pack-file again and choose “Save current set as program defaults” again.

      Note that saving the set as default will not automatically change the colors in your project. You will still have to apply each color to the track you want.

      If this still does not work it is very likely that you have a corrupted Cubase installation, in which case I would advise you to backup and trash your preferences as described in this article:

  15. Hi Dawlab I received the link in the email, but at the end of the download it keep on giving me an error. Could you please send me the zip file by email?
    All the best


    1. Hey man, As it says in the article “This color pack will basically work with all versions of Cubase from SX 2.2 up to Cubase Pro 9. The latest test was performed with Cubase Pro 9 (update 9.0.10).” I also suspect it works with Cubase 9.5 but I haven’t verified this as I don’t have this version.

  16. last time i spend a lot of hour to setup a good lemur controller for cubase
    a lot of time to integrate functions and design for my personal preferences
    so i know how many time you spent to do this
    thank you 3$ are a good price for the time saving

  17. hello.

    I am trying to open it in cubase 9.5 but computer crash and blue screen appear with error ‘DPC Watchdog Violation’.
    Any one had that issue before?


    1. Hi. I am 100% sure that the BOD has nothing to do with the color pack. This message usually indicates hardware or driver issues on your computer. You should investigate Event Viewer and make sure your drivers are up to date.

    1. Hi. Sorry but I cannot find your e-mail in the transactions. Did you use another e-mail perhaps? What is your name? Please use the contact form at the bottom of the site and let me know.

    2. Hi. I cannot find the e-mail you have used for this message in my transactions. Could you let me know what e-mail and name you used? Please use the contact form at the bottom of the page and I will sort it out.

  18. I did pay 4 USD via paypal, but have not received a link or means to download. I have Cubase 9.5.30 so will let you know how it works (once I get it)

    1. Hi. Thanks for your support man! The e-mail you entered on payment is different from the e-mail you have entered in the comments and I get a report saying the e-mail does not exist. However I will send an e-mail with the download to the e-mail that actually works. Let me know if you still do not get it.

  19. Interested in color pack and other good info…haven’t used PayPal in years…guest failed. Is there another payment portal we can use?

  20. Hi, I’ve already made a donation for v2 of cubase track colors in september 2017, how can i download the updated version ? Many thanks πŸ™‚

  21. Hi I paid for V2, I believe, yet I’ve literally had my equipment stolen and am trying to setup a new environment. I thought I had saved this to my Google Drive or Dropbox but it’s nowhere to be found. If I have to I’ll buy again, was well worth the initial cost.

    Thank you

  22. Hi, your track colours look great and I am interested in livening up my Cubase Artist 9.5. Will they work with 9.5? If I load OLD projects will they still retain the old colours (which I would like) OR will I lose them with your palette being the new default. I just don’t want to have to re-colourise them all or leave them gre πŸ™‚ . Thanks, Steve

    1. Thanks. Your older projects will keep their colors unless you deliberately apply the new colors to the old project. So no need to worry.

  23. Hey, great color scheme, I did something like this once but Cubase keeps reseting some of my configurations, so it will be great to have those projects. Can I install all 9 brightness configurations at once? It would be great to have the variations πŸ™‚
    Thnks for the work dude

    1. Hi. Thanks! The reason why the colors are split up in multiple files is because Cubase cannot display too many colors without exceeding the window. You will still have the files available for use though.

  24. Can you do a version for cubase 10 with a tutorial, as the pack I used for cubase 9.5 doesn’t seem to work as intended.

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