Backup and restore all Kontakt libraries to a new computer (Windows)

Backup and restore all Kontakt libraries to a new computer (Windows)
Backup and restore all Kontakt libraries to a new computer (Windows)

Have you ever had to re-add all your Kontakt libraries to Kontakt 5? This is a process that can take hours depending on how many libraries you have. There is an easier way though…

Windows 10 is right around the corner and some of us have already started using the technical preview version of the OS. If you are just upgrading from windows 8 or 8.1 your Kontakt library should work without any problems. If you do a “clean install” you will have to add the libraries to Kontakt again. Upgrading your OS however, can sometimes cause problems in which case the worst case scenario is that you have to reformat your hard drive. This means that if you have 30+ Kontakt libraries installed (either on your OS disk or an external drive) you will have to install every single one manually again. Most of us pro users now use an SSD. SSDs are fast but also limited in size which is why we tend to have the Kontakt libraries on an external drive.

Even if you have the Kontakt libraries on an external drive, the license files associated with each library will be lost if you do a re-format of your OS hard drive. This is why you should back up the license files.

The license files for Kontakt is stored in the registy. They can be easily backed up and transferred to another computer if needed.

This method will only work on Windows Computers newer than Windows XP and only if the two computers are of the same architecture (x86 or x64).

What to backup

The directory you should backup is:


Make sure that you select the “Native Instruments” folder and not a subfolder, as you might have multiple Kontakt libraries. Of course, if you want to just backup some of them you can open the Native Instruments folder and select the one you want, right-click and choose export. Remember to put these registry backups on an external hard drive or cloud.

How to restore:

Let’s say you have installed Windows 10 and want to restore your Kontakt licenses. Locate the registry backup you made and double click it, click yes if you want to restore the licenses.

Note: You might want to consider installing every single library from scratch especially if you have had problems with Kontakt libraries that you have not been able to solve. This will ensure that you do not transfer errors or invalid registry files to your “new computer”.

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