How to fix disarranged instruments interface problem in Kontakt 5

If you have experienced that instruments loaded in Native Instruments Kontakt looks kind of messed up or disarranged this video might help you. Firs it is essential to understand the reason for this problem in Kontakt. In my case, the problem appeared after I had reinstalled windows. I already had the kontakt files on an external hard drive so I thought they would work as usual. That was not the case however.

Generally speaking, there are two kinds of Kontakt instruments: Instruments that you can just load up in Kontakt and instruments that require an installation file.

Instruments that require and installation file will create pictures and reference files during the installation. These files are usually placed in your documents folder (at least on a windows computer).

If these files have been tampered with or if Kontakt has been re-installed, Kontakt will not be able to allocate these files anymore. This video shows how you can solve this problem quite easily.

Remember to check the “My Documants” folder for the “Native Instruments” folder. In this folder there should either be a folder called Kontakt 4 or a folder called Kontakt 5.

%USERPROFILE%\Documents\Native Instruments\Kontakt 4


%USERPROFILE%\Documents\Native Instruments\Kontakt 5

Note: On in windows 7 the My Documents folder is just called documents.

Depending on which version you use, you should make sure that all the necessary files are in the right folder. I.e. if you use Kontakt 5 all the resources for the instrument should be in that folder.

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