How to setup & record Maschine 2 in Cubase 8 (Update 2015)

This video explains step by step how to set up Maschine 2.2.3 so you can record tracks from Maschine in Cubase 8.0.5, without using MIDI mode . You will learn what preferences you need and how you can automate the process. The video tutorial is recorded with Cubase 8.0.5 and Maschine 2.2.3 on Windows 8.1 x64. It is very important to update Maschine to the latest version. Also update the drivers for Maschine!

In this tutorial we will be using Cubase 8.0.5 and Maschine 2.2.3. Any newer version will probably be fine but older versions might introduce problems so make sure you update to the latest version first.

How to record Maschine 2 kits in Cubase

  1. Open a project in Cubase and add an instrument track with Maschine 2
  2. In the inspector panel change the Input routing to Maschine 2 – MIDI Out
  3. Let the Output Routing to Maschine 2
  4. Load a Kit in Maschine
  5. Click on the little settings icon in Maschine 2
  6. Click on Group tab and Input then MIDI and activate the toggle button
  7. Change the Channel to channel 1
  8. Set the Root to C3 and leave the MIDI through toggle button off
  9. Click on the Sound tab and Input and MIDI
  10. Select all of the sounds in the group. (Click on one of the sounds and use the key commands CTRL/CMD + A)
  11. Trun the Active toggle button off
  12. Leave the Channel to All
  13. Deactivate the MIDI through toggle button!
  14. In the same tab click on Output and MIDI
  15. Change the Destination to Host and set the Channel to 1
  16. Right-click on the Group itself and go to Group MIDI Batch Setup and click on Sounds to MIDI notes
  1. Hi, do you have a setup for Maschine 2.3 and Cubase 8? I was following this one but Group Midi Batch Setup isn’t showing up when I launch Maschine 2.3 in Cubase 8. Can you contact me on my email that was used for this. Thanks

    1. If you don’t have the “Group MIDI batch setup” available you either have not updated to 2.3 or you have a corrupt installation. My guess is you probably have not updated correctly.

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