How to use VST plugins in Foobar2000

How to use VST plugins in Foobar2000
How to use VST plugins in Foobar2000

Foobar2000 is a versatile, modular and super cool media player. This article will show you how you can use VST plugins with foobar2000.

Follow this simple guide or watch the video tutorial.

  1. Download and install foobar2000.
  2. Download the Foobar2000 VST 2.4 adapter (plugin)
  3. Download the Kjaerhus Audio VST pack (below)
  4. Open foobar2000. Click on “file” and then “preferences”. Drag and drop the downloaded zip file ( in the components list. Click apply and restart foobar2000.
  5. Extract the contents of the Kjaerhus Audio VSTs.
  6. Click on “File” -> “Preferences” -> “VST Plugins”. Click on the “Add…” button. Double click one of the *.dll files in the Kaerhus Audio folder.
  7. To view the VST window go to “Files” -> “Preferences” and under “Playback” you can see a tab called “DSP Manager”. In the right list double click on the plugin you added (for example GEQ-7). Click on the “Configure selected” button to bring up the VST window.

Please remember that this will only work with 32 bit plugins and VST versions below 3.

Kjaerhus Audio VSTs (10.5 MB)


  1. My Foobar looks NOTHING like your Foobar (the menu bar you have at the top does not exist and can not be enabled). The files you mention are nowhere to be found. Foobar is now a Windows App (not just a third party install). There is no directory to put my VST’s in.

    1. Hey. First of all make sure you download the latest stable version (or the beta version), NOT the version from Microsoft Store.
      Also, since I am running a lot of plugins (foorbar plugins that is) yours is not going to look like mine. But you should still be able to use it for VST plugins.

  2. Hello.
    I followed all the steps of this guide and everything works fine, except for the “MANUAL” button (which is on the top right corner of the GEQ-7 plugin, next to the “ABOUT” button).
    By pressing it, nothing happens!
    Do you know where can I download the User Manual??

    1. Hi. I am not sure where to get the manual or if it is available. These VST’s are pretty outdated and the vendor does not exist anymore. Sorry.

  3. Thank you very much for this, it helped me a lot in setting up my newly acquired ambiophonic dsp. I got stuck for a while getting in the vst to the foobar component, almost got frustrated hehe. Then I learned that my foobar is not automatic like yours that folders are just drag & drop. Applied it manually & the DSP’s one by one. Now I’m happy. 😀

  4. I followed the video, and have now a working Parametric EQ working! Thanks. My laptop is by the way 64 bit, which should not be working. It does, but after adjustments in the EQ setting, the foobar2000 freezes. After restart, it ahs the latest adjustments. In PC settings I run now foobar2000 program in Win XP mode, which should be helping.

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