Imitating Nuendo’s Edit Mode in Cubase 8 – Snap MIDI to cursor

Imitating Nuendo’s Edit Mode in Cubase 8 – Snap MIDI to cursor
Imitating Nuendo's Edit Mode in Cubase 8 - Snap MIDI to cursor

This question was originally posted by Peter Gregson

Hello! I know this feature exists in other DAWs but I’m just wondering if there’s a way to make Cubase 8 scroll through a video file when dragging a MIDI note / extending an audio file? It’s a great feature when writing to picture but I just cannot seem to figure it out?

What Peter is requesting here is function reserved for Nuendo only. This is a need especially requested by post-process film editors. Having said that, the task can still be achieved in Cubase with a little more effort. The keys here are magnetic cursor and snap!



  1. Turn off snap
  2. Move the cursor to where you would like the note to end
  3. In the key editor or edit-in place, drag the note length past the cursor without moving the cursor.
  4. Turn on snap and set the snap type to Magnetic Cursor
  5. Cut the note length at the cursor.


You will need to have Split MIDI events on in the preferences for this to work. We have now learnt how we can select a point in the timeline without snap, then turn on snap to make the MIDI event snap to that point in time (even if it’s not on the grid) thanks to Cubase’s magnetic cursor. It might be a little inconvenient compared to what Nuendo allows you to do, but if you are pro on the key commands in Cubase you won’t have a problem.


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