How to load Maschine 2 Factory Library when samples are missing

This video has no sound unfortunately so please use the guide below. If you have relocated your Maschine 2 factory library Maschine 2 will not be able to locate the content anymore. This can happen if you have reinstalled Windows, moved the files to an external hard drive or similar. All you need to do […]

Advanced Cubase workspace editing

Lets say you have a workspace in cubase that is perfect except for the fact that you have zoom applied to the workspace. How would you remove it? This will cause Cubase to adjust the zooming every time you load up the workspace. You would not want to have to redo everything again, but just remove […]

How to fix disarranged instruments interface problem in Kontakt 5

If you have experienced that instruments loaded in Native Instruments Kontakt looks kind of messed up or disarranged this video might help you. Firs it is essential to understand the reason for this problem in Kontakt. In my case, the problem appeared after I had reinstalled windows. I already had the kontakt files on an external […]