Screen capture any music software with ASIO (without cables) (Cubase, Pro Tools, FL Studio etc)

This video will show you how can screen capture sound and video from any music software such as Cubase, FL Studio, Nuendo and similar without cables. This method will work even if you have an ASIO audio interface (soundcard).

  1. Hi

    I see that Asio Link now has 3 versions and looks very different. Any chance you could recommend one for me and if you don’t mind making another video tutorial I would be indebted. I have had no end of trouble getting Win 7, Voicemeeter and Cubase 9 to work together.


    1. Thanks for letting me know. It has been a long time sine I made the video. I only have experience with Asio Link Pro, but as far as I can see the only difference between Pro and Max is how many “virtual ASIO channels” you can have. Personally I have never needed more than 2 or 4 channels but this might be different for you. I would just go for the standard version. Also I would love to make a new video, but I am afraid I have to many obligations at the moment. If you encounter problems it might be worth contacting O Deus Audio for support, sorry about that.

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