The Ultimate Maschine 2 Template for Cubase v.2

This template will give you 16 instances of Maschine 2 in Cubase. 128 output channels, 128 separate MIDI tracks for each sound and correct color set-up for Maschine, Cubase track and Output channels in the mixer.

  1. Really appreciate this massive template! I only use 1 or 2 instances of Maschine so far. I just tried render in place and all I got was 16 empty audio tracks for each pad I rendered. I was using a one bar selection. Have you been successful with render in place with this template?


  2. Hello,
    thank’s for theses videos. It’s really a great and good job.
    But where can i find the file who contains the template?
    Sorry for my bad english….

  3. I have downloaded the template and followed the directions I cannot load any groups and record iin cubase it does see it in the templates? I now have updated to 2.4.6 could not do it on previous versions

  4. Oh my goodness thank you very much I watched that video a lot and to be able to have that template now that I have my home studio set up is the best thing I’m glad I found your sie it’s so much stuff up there that I’m gonna need to know and man Joe that’s a really big thing for me that is awesome man really thank you . Let the fun begin.

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